The website of Dr. Mostafa Chamran, the martyr, is reopening

The website of Dr. Mostafa Chamran, the martyr, has been reopening after 16 years. This man was killed by the Islamic State in 2016 and it has now become clear that his memory will always be alive and people will remember him for a long time to come.

Dr. Mostafa Chamran was a Shia Muslim leader who served as minister of defense for Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s regime and later as minister of interior in Saddam’s government from 1982 to 2003.

He was killed by the Islamic State terrorist group on March 27, 2016 after he defected from them in Iran. Dr. Mostafa Chamran helped many people during his life and also served as an outspoken critic of terrorism then too so he is remembered fondly by many across Iraq, Iran and outside it too.

The website of Dr. Mostafa Chamran, the martyr, is reopening in Iran. It was closed down due to censorship and lack of funding during the Islamic Revolution.

On his website, Dr Chamran says “I am not a martyr; I am a human being.”

Dr. Mostafa Chamran was one of the students who fought in the revolution and got arrested during the crackdown on the Shah’s regime. His website is reopening to commemorate his 40th death anniversary.

On July 25, 2013, Dr. Mostafa Chamran was martyred in a bomb attack by unknown assailants. His martyrdom is considered as one of the most prominent events of the Iranian Revolution which led to the end of monarchy in Iran.

Dr. Mostafa Chamran, martyr and one of the leaders of a group called Iranian Workers Party, was killed near his residence on 13th Martyr’s Street in Tehran on July 25th at 4:30pm, and then he was buried on Martyr’s Safar 1224 at 6:00pm at Behesht-e Zahra cemetery. He has been regarded as a symbol of resistance against the Pahlavi regime and political prisoners during Iran–Iraq War after he refused to surrender to Iraqi forces

Dr. Mostafa Chamran was a member of the Islamic Republic Party and was one of the most prominent individuals in Iran to be executed during the 1980s.

On November 4th, 1978, Dr. Mostafa Chamran was shot dead by pro-revolutionary forces in front of his wife and children. His martyrdom became an essential part of Iranian patriotic history and has become a symbol for national unity since then. Today, his website is reopening for public access after 36 years of being closed due to censorship.

A website that was closed down by the Iranian government for being too politically charged has now re-opened its doors. A film about Dr. Mostafa Chamran and his role in the Revolution is being released to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his death.

Dr. Mostafa Chamran was a Shia doctor, who stood up against Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi to protest against corruption and injustice back in 1979. The website commemorating him was closed down after the Islamic Revolution in Iran because it clearly showed a pro-revolutionary tone. However, with the upcoming anniversary, they have decided to re-open it up again.